School Council


School Council is an advisory group of volunteers who work together to provide ideas and opinions to help the principal, and sometimes the school board, make the school a better place for learning.

In its role as a link between the school and the community, your school council has two very important functions – to establish and maintain good communication among the school, parents, and community, and to encourage parents and community members to participate in education.

School Council Members

Chair: Ms. Alicia Gattoni  
Vice Chair: Jessica Tucker 
Secretary: Alicia Gattoni
Principal: Kerri Tolen
Vice Principal: Sharla MacKinnon
Teacher Representative: Kendra Bodnar 
Non-teaching Staff Member Representative:TBA
Northwest Bay Educational Representative:Raechel Snowball  
Other members: 
Lisa Mikonini
Wendy Wrolstad
Aimee McTavish
Cheryl Perrault 
Vernon Smith

Council Meeting Dates

Thursday, October 26th
Thursday, November 30th
Thursday, January 25th
Thursday, March 29th
Thursday, April 26th
Thursday, May 31

Meeting Minutes


Find helpful resources and suggestions for School Councils on the RRDSB School Council page

Ministry of Education Guidelines on School Councils - (PDF)