School Information

Sharla MacKinnon, Principal
Heather Bridgeman, Vice Principal


Crossroads School opened to students in September, 1996 with the official opening taking place on October 18, 1996. Crossroads replaced the old Burriss and Cornerbrook schools and is the public elementary school for LaVallee Township as well as Naicatchewenin First Nation. The school is home to 160 students from Early Years to Grade 8 as well as approximately 35 staff. The facility is shared with Country View Daycare.


Crossroads is largely built on one level, providing easy access for those with disabilities. The school consists of 2 Early Years classrooms and 6 grade 1-8 classrooms. It also has an elementary school-sized gymnasium and a Learning Resource Room which houses a computer lab and library. In the centre of the school are the administrative offices, a teacher work room, professional learning room and a staff lounge. All classrooms are equipped with SMARTBoard technology. The gymnasium also includes a fully functioning kitchen area with counter access to both the gym and the Early Years classroom. The school has a very large grass-covered playground area with a variety of playground equipment. Through cooperation with neighbouring property owners and the work of a few dedicated community members a network of cross country trails have been established through the surrounding bush immediately west of the school. This is the venue for the annual Rainy River District Athletic Association Cross Country Run event in which over 300 runners from across the Rainy River District participate.
If you are planning on attending a community or school event, and need special accommodations, please contact the school. We will be happy to assist you.

Staff Listing

Teaching assignments for the school year 2019 - 2020 are as follows:

... and as a staff, we are looking forward to a great year!

The Support Staff at Crossroads School work with students both in the classroom and in quiet settings to support student learning. We are fortunate to have dedicated staff with skills in many areas.

The support staff for the 2019 - 2020 school year are:

Ms. M. Chiefson
Mrs. S. Kuchma
Mrs. P. VanHeyst
Mrs. S. Herman
Ms. Cheryl Smith
Mrs. M. Perry 
Ms. J. McCormick
Ms. L. Smith
Ms. Chelsea Smith
Ms. M. Smith
Mrs. J. Libiak
Ms. C. Cyr
Mrs. L. Woodgate
Ms. R. Smith
Ms. C. Cridland, Communication Assistant
Mrs. L. Mutz, Communication Assistant
Mrs. D. Donaldson, Library Assistant
Mrs. L. Ruppenstein, Secretary
Mr. D. Olson and Mrs. T. Hagen, Custodians